Emotion Code – Pets & Animals

Q: What is the Emotion Code?

The Emotion Code is a new healing modality, discovered/created by Dr. Bradley Nelson , using tools from Traditional Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture to release emotional baggage trapped within our energy field and get rid of false negative programs within our subconscious mind that prevents us from the greatest level healing and from being our best and highest self.

The Emotion Code is very similar to acupuncture: connecting physical or emotional traumas, chronic aches and pains, diseases and other types of ailment with past events, emotional traumas, negative programs in the mind, and then removing the blocked energy to encourage natural Qi (chi or ch-ee: life energy) flow within all the meridians and organ systems of the body. Rather than using needles, like an acupuncturist does, the Emotion Code uses a magnet along the Central or Governing Meridian to remove the blocked energy. Meridians carry the life force that vitalizes all life forms and allows them to flourish and grow. Think of them as rivers and streams within the body that are flowing with energy; Like a river that provides life-giving water to its surrounding areas, these channels distribute revitalizing energy to the surrounding area of the body.

All humans and animals have an energy body, a physical body, and an emotional body (physical, nonphysical, and metaphysical; energy, matter, and antimatter). These three aspects of ourselves work together to maintain optimal health. However, it’s inevitable in the world we live in, that as we live our lives things happen that are out of our control. You lose your job or a close family member, maybe a friend says something mean, you are/were bullied at school. As humans/animals we are equipped to process all life events, daily happenings using our emotional and energy bodies (mind and spirit; nonphysical and metaphysical). Such events trigger emotions and we feel such things as abandonment, anger, jealousy, lost, anxiety, hopelessness, lack of control, etc. If we do not process these emotions properly they can become trapped within our energy body/field. Each emotion is connected to a specific organ system. See chart below.

Screen Shot 2016-04-15 at 9.14.45 AM

As more and more emotions get trapped, it creates an increasingly larger lump within the energy field of the specific organ, creating stagnation in the flow of Qi (ch-ee, life energy) that eventually leads to problems and major health issues. For those who have alot of resentment, hatred and bitterness tend to have problems with their livers. An unhealthy or imbalanced liver can cause a person to experience eyes problem, pain in the upper back, dizziness headaches, and dry skin and nails. Trapped emotions within the body are similar to hair and debris in a clogged drain. As the debris and hair pile up, the drain slowly becomes blocked and the water is not able to flow smoothly down the drain and it will continue to get worse until you do maintenance and unclog the sink. When you have a clogged, or stuck, Qi flow in your energy body it begins to throw off the balance of your systems and because your energy and physical body work so closely together (yin and yang) once the energy body is off balance your physical body soon follows. This is where aches, pains, and small discomforts within the body comes from. Your body is simply trying to communicate to you what is wrong on an emotional/energetic level. So by removing these trapped emotions, you are essentially and metaphorically unclogging the drain and allowing water to flow smoothly so that the sink can be cleaned and function properly again. An important thing to remember is: just like a healthy diet and frequent exercise keeps your body strong and healthy, proper and frequent maintainance of your energy and emotional body is just as crucial to your health. The Emotion code is a powerful and simple way to read and eliminate unseen baggage called trapped emotions and releasing trapped emotions often results in the sudden disapperance of physical problems, self-sabotage, and reccurring relationship difficulties.


Q: What is a Heart-Wall?

Emotions trapped in and around the heart to create a “wall.” Emotional effects include: depression, numbed emotions, disconnection from others, lessened ability to give and receive love. Physical effects include: neck pain, shoulder tightness, and heart problems.


Q: How do Sessions work?

Sessions by Proxy: These sessions are done remotely from my home while your animal is calm and comfortable and in their own home. I use the information provided to connect with your pet/animals energy. Once I connect with their energy I can intuitively and physically feel what is wrong in their body through sensations in my own body. I can talk with their subconscious to locate their trapped emotions. 90% of your memories are subconscious (only 10% of memories are conscious), this means that every single experience, trauma, and memory throughout your entire life is stored in your subconscious mind. Metaphorically, it is the internal computer hard drive of your body. Once it is accessed, memories that were long forgotten, suppressed, or trapped can be revealed and released to provide great healing.

To do the session by proxy I will need the following:

  • Pet/Animals full name
  • Birthdate
  • Address
  • Current Picture, with full face (eyes) visible
  • Intention for the session (what you want me to check, work on, or release; what is the issue, etc.)
Once the session is complete I will send you a session form, via email, which will give you all the details from the healing session. This includes all the trapped emotions that were removed, underlying causes, energetic imbalances, and anything that was found, etc., along with an explanation and things that you can do to help the healing process.
How do I pay for Proxy Sessions? The price for a proxy session is $75. I do not accept pre-payments. I only accept payment after the session form is sent, the reason being that I want to be sure you are comfortable with the session and feel satisfied. When I send you the session form, in that email I will provide you with the amount due and where to send the check for payment. I am always available to answer any questions or concerns that may arise when reading the session form. You can check the services page for pricing information.


House Visits: These sessions are done in the comfort of your home. I come visit you, meet your fur-kids and do the session with you present. Pets and animals love having energy work done, they are very cooperative for the first 15 minutes or so, then they tend to run off and do their own thing (take a nap, explore the house, etc.). This is normal and expected. The Emotion Code work can still be done while they are roaming around, enjoying life.

House visits allow me to meet you and your pets and walk you through the work that I do, answering any questions that arise throughout the session. It also allows me to explain the session forms more thoroughly. I alway say, house visits, are more for your (the owners) benefit, as it permits you to get more involved with your pets healing journey.

How do I pay for House Visits? Payment is accepted at the end of the session, before I leave.


Q: Do you get better results from a house visit vs a proxy?

There is no difference in the results between doing sessions by proxy vs. house visits, it’s just different.  I find that I can connect with the animals better by proxy because we are both comfortable in our own environment, grounded and relaxed. I can locate their pains and talk with them easier which makes for a smoother session which is why I prefer doing it by proxy. However, I love doing house visits because I love animals, and I love being able to meet the owners and interact with everyone in person and read their body language and see their reactions to the work, answer any questions that arise during the session, and explain the session form more thoroughly. House visits are more for the owners peace of mind. They both have the same destination, just a different journey.