Emotion Code Trained Practitioner

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The Emotion Code is a new healing modality that is a powerful and simple way to read and eliminate unseen baggage called trapped emotions. Releasing trapped emotions often results in the sudden disappearance of physical problems, self-sabotage, and recurring relationship difficulties.

We are beings of pure energy and each of us has had times where we have experienced intense emotions of sadness, resentment, frustration, unworthiness, etc. Every emotion carries a specific vibrational energy and frequency during the times you are experiencing those intense emotions, your whole energy body takes on those vibrations and can get stuck within your body. Even after the intense event is over part of it will stay with you creating a ball of energy. This ball of energy is called a trapped emotion.

Trapped emotions distort the normal energy field of your body and because that’s all your body is, an energy field when you distort this energy field you interfere with the bodies ability to function normally, which can cause pain and malfunction of organs and glands. As these trapped emotions pile up, which they have been doing since birth, they start to reek havoc on your body. Starting off with minor aliments such as aches, pains, muscle tension, acne, and acid reflux, and eventually, as more and more of these trapped emotions pile up, the issues can progress to more serious problems such as autoimmune diseases, diabetes, and even cancer.

When you have a trapped emotion in the body (fear, panic, abandonment) your body is carrying around this emotion and literally feeling it all the time, 24/7, seven days a week, 365 days a year, non-stop. With this emotional baggage hanging around it is easier to react, from the place where the trapped emotions linger when a situation arises. For example, if you have trapped emotions of fear, abandonment and insecurity from your past and a spouse or loved one tells you they are going away for a week. This stimulates the trapped emotions of fear, abandonment and insecurity, sliding easily into your energy field and conscious mind, causing you to react from a place of fear and insecurity.

Once you remove a trapped emotion, using a refrigerator magnet along your governing meridian, it can quite literally change how you feel and it most certainly changes the way you react to certain situations, people, and events and a sense of calmness take place. These trapped emotions are contributing to problems like depression, anxiety, panic attacks, eating disorders, phobias, heart blocks, fear of commitment and self-sabotages of all kinds as well as being a primary cause of PTSD. These contribute to the high rate of divorce, the strife, and anxiety on a larger level that happens to the world as a whole. Getting rid of these emotions are an important thing to do not only for you but for the world as a whole. It starts with you!

FullSizeRenderAs my mother, Kathryn Hill, founder, and owner of Wholesome Junction was getting certified in the Emotion Code I learned and practiced right along side her working with as many friends, family members and pets as I could. For the past few years, I have been working on myself, friends, clients, and animals. I work with my healing cat, Dusty (see image below) who is one of the most spiritual cats I have ever known. She is always hard at work healing my family, myself included! Dusty is my little furry sidekick and she can’t get enough of the Emotion Code work. I specifically work with removing trapped emotions from pets to help them heal from illness, past traumas, abuse, etc.  Contact me today for more details or FREE consultation. 

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