Finding yourself. Loving yourself.

These are books that helped me discover who I was, who I wasn’t and what made me who I am. Whether it’s through finding my aura colors, astrology sign and the personality traits that are associated to them or trying to understand my purpose. All of these books contributed to helping me find myself, and then truly loving who I was.


Enlightenment & Spiritual Growth

These are some of my favorite books that really fueled my thirst for answers about life, spirit, energy, and our purpose here on earth. Each of these provided a comfort, a pull into who I was as part of the oneness in which we are all apart of. These contributed to my spiritual growth, enlightenment and the understanding of my intuitive gifts. I highly recommend to anyone looking for answers whether they are inward or outward.


Energy Medicine & Healing

For as long as I can remember, energy healing, homeopathic remedies, and other forms of emotional and spiritual cleansing was a part of my families life. Through the years, especially while studying and learning the Emotion Code with my mom, these books provided a better understanding of just how many forms of healing there are. Familiarizing myself with all these forms (Chinese medicine, healing foods, emotion code, quantum healing, chakras, light healing, positive affirmations, etc.) it has helped me not only become healthier and hone my intuitive skills but it has allowed me to do better healing sessions for clients and pets.


Positive Psychology

These are books that were required either required readings during my Positive Psychology Course with Tal Ben-Shahar, referenced during his lectures or recommended by other students or TA’s in the course. I found them completely life changing because as I’ve applied the teachings from these books to my life I have changed so much. I’ve become more patient, mindful, healthy and happy no matter what goes on in my life. In these books, there are many scientific approaches and research to back up the information. I’m not implying that the other books are lacking scientific research or evidence, I’m just acknowledging that most of these books are written by scientists, Psychologists and doctors who have an elaborate background in the subject matter. I find it very refreshing and enlightening. For those who aren’t so spiritual and need the science and research to back up the findings, these books are perfect for you. (no particular order)



Mindfulness is an art and it deserves a category all on its own. The mindful master and peace advocate Thich Nhat Hanh is a legend when it comes to practicing mindfulness in one’s everyday life. I’ve learned so much from these books and it’s so wonderful to be able to share them with those who are seeking their own inner peace. Enjoy!


Love & Relationships

These are books that I loved for as long as I can remember and have read multiple times. With each word on every page, every single one of these brings its own unique beauty and wisdom to the surface. Whether about finding the perfect relationship, finding a relationship with yourself or understanding that love is something with many meanings, you will find clarity, fulfillment and exactly what you are looking for without even knowing you were looking for it.



I’ve been working with children all my life and over the years I have collected many personal favorites when it comes to books for children. In fact, I collect childrens bochildren’sve to gift the children in my life with inspiring books with a positive message and books that give its readers permission to be human. It’s so important to allow children the freedom to express themselves and the tools they need to understand their emotions which is a beautiful part of being human. Children are the future and I’m delighted to see a wonderful selection of books that provide tools and stories to support their development and humility.



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